White kitchen


The White kitchen hampa will provide any kitchen with a fresh new look with these essential yet stylish products.

White Kitchen hampa includes:

  • Two Le Creuset stoneware mini round casserole 9cm (cotton)-Perfect for cooking and serving individual soups, stews, gratins, soufflés and desserts; it is also the ideal size for dips, condiments, nuts and olives. The lid also makes it practical for heating up sauces in the microwave or keeping snacks fresh.
  • 15 cm and 11cm white ceramic canisters with gorgeous geometric detail and rubber sealed bamboo lid would make a great addition to your kitchen. Perfect for storing tea and coffee, or anything you fancy.
  • 21.5cm White Trellis tall ceramic jug with gorgeous geometric pattern can be used as a jug or as an elegant vase

To create our hampas, we have taken lots of care to select products that we love, made locally (where possible) and have a story to tell….you are welcome to design your own hampa with the things you love by mixing and matching or design your own. All custom hampas can be ordered through orders@hampaco.com.au