Tapas Love


Who doesn’t love Tapas? Yummy food shared with friends usually with a laugh, the Tapas Love hampa will ensure the next tapas spread will be more impressive with these exquisite pieces.

The Tapas Love hampa includes

  • 4 Le Crueset mini casserole dishes in Coastal Blue (2) and Cotton (2) are magnificent for not only tapas but also Perfect for cooking and serving individual soups, stews, gratins, soufflés and desserts.The lid also makes it practical for heating up sauces in the microwave or keeping snacks fresh.
  • Miniature Colander with long handle and the miniature frypan with brass handle are also great to present fresh produce in that special corner of the kitchen
  • El Farol hardcover book presents award-winning traditional and contemporary Spanish cuisine in a colourful medley of recipes from the El Farol restaurant menu in Santa Fe, New Mexico (best known for their creative tapas menu).

 To create our hampas, we have taken lots of care to select products that we love, made locally (where possible) and have a story to tell….you are welcome to design your own hampa with the things you love by mixing and matching or design your own. All custom hampas can be ordered through orders@hampaco.com.au