Sow n Grow...


Discover the wonder of nature and create a colourful garden kingdom that bugs will love. This Sow n Grow hampa is a great gift to inspire and introduce a child to gardening, they can learn new skills and have lots of fun watching their garden grow.

 The Sow n Grow hampa includes

  • Seeds from Sow ‘n’ Sow- This gift of seeds will enchant nature lovers and budding green thumbs young and old. Containing easy to grow old favourites dianthus, cosmos, cornflower and alyssum which will attract bees, butterflies and beneficial bugs as well as producing a delightful display of colour.
  • Pot- Brightly coloured concrete pot is the perfect container to watch the plants grow
  • Trowel, Transplanter and Weeder- Quality set of 3 gardening tools, perfect size for children to tend to their new garden.

To create our hampas, we have taken lots of care to select products that we love, made locally (where possible) and have a story to tell….you are welcome to design your own hampa with the things you love by mixing and matching or design your own. All custom hampas can be ordered through