Hampa Co story

Hampa Co evolved from a love of CELEBRATION…and our business name just so happens to feature in the world’s most famous celebration drink “CHAMPAGNE” 

We love to celebrate and every celebration is special..!!!  So special in fact that Sara’s husband Joel went to extreme efforts to put together a hamper for their 4th wedding anniversary.  The effort, expense and man hours into this glorious task became a ‘once off’ for Joel as he subsequently announced that Sara and long-time school friend Camille should start a hamper business so that he would not have to go through such agony again.  Joel prefers to shop for things that require fuel..!!

It must have been over a glass of champagne that Sara and Camille announced they would love a hamper business and it would be an ideal way to combine each other’s passions…. Organising special occasions, gift giving, celebrating, good customer service, shopping, involvement of friends and family, supporting local and ethical businesses and talking a lot to people about their stories…. WOW… we could do all this with a boutique and customised hamper business…..!!

~                             ~

… and so the adventure begins, with loads of brainstorming, meeting local producers, seeking out the ethical ones, selecting our favourite brands, buying, sourcing, photographing …. and more of the story to come as we embark on spreading the love of celebration and appreciation...!!!

We hope you love what we love...!!


~from the little book of thoughts and ideas, by Sara and Camille