Fancy Gardener


The perfect gift for the avid gardener, a truly beautiful way for them to love gardening, as much they love their garden. This hampa will indulge the passion of gardening, featuring Sophie Conran products bringing a touch of elegance and style.

The Fancy Gardener hampa includes:

  • Sophie Conran Hand Trowel - "I couldn't help noticing that whenever I would dig, half the soil fell off the back of the trowel, making each job take longer. The gently curving backstops of my trowel prevent this from happening - one less frustration in my day" says Sophie
  • Sophie Conran Hand Rake- We think a good gardening fork should slip into the soil with minimum effort. That is why the ends of the tines of Sophie Conran forks are shaped and sharpened, making tasks like turning soil and weeding a pleasure.
  • Sophie Conran Gardening Gloves- The palms and fingers of these gardening gloves are made from tough, hard wearing but ultra soft fabric that doesn't go stiff when wet. The wrist strap makes the gloves adjustable and gives them snug fit necessary to stop bits dropping down inside the glove.
  • Watering Can- Delivering beauty and practicality, these watering cans have exactly the right balance, design and the feel of the can in your hand.
  • Sow n Sow Seeds- Made in Melbourne, the ‘Trio of Herbs’ seeds contain three herbs in one card (parsley, coriander and basil), to form a thoughtful and useful gift that grows. Each herb is easy to grow and forever useful in the kitchen.

The hampa is presented in a beautiful cane basket, the perfect accompaniment.

To create our hampas, we have taken lots of care to select products that we love, made locally (where possible) and have a story to tell….you are welcome to design your own hampa with the things you love by mixing and matching or design your own. All custom hampas can be ordered through